Shop2Web - Ecommerce

E-commerce (electronic commerce) websites that allow you to reach those customers that are beyond your local foot fall.

Distance selling is not new, sending out catalogues to customers around the globe has been done for hundreds of years.  Well e-commerce is really not that different, as it allows you to put a catalogue of products into the cloud where all can tap into what you have to sell without the cost of print and postage.

With over 18 years experience in electronic distance selling through bespoke e-commerce website solutions we can help you through all the different options available to you.

Some advantages of using an e-commerce website are:

  • your customers can shop at their convenience from home or work at any time of the day
  • you reach a wider customer base then a conventional store or shop (the world is your oyster)
  • you build up a growing database of customers that you can email newsletters, flyers or special offers
  • you can expand into overseas markets



Shop2Web - Moongate Cakes e-commerce website